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Our Ambassadors

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What about setting off to explore the slag heaps with a passionate ambassador?

Want to discover the exceptional heritage of the slag heaps of the Franco-Walloon mining arc? You can be shown around by a cross-border slag heap ambassador to enjoy all they have to offer (their nature, history, landscape, heritage, etc.)!

As part of the Destination Terrils project, 70 passionate volunteers have been trained in the historical and cultural heritage, geology, landscape analysis and flora and fauna of the slag heaps, as well as the history of the Franco-Walloon mining arc over two training courses.

These ambassadors help with the touristic promotion of the slag heaps. They develop and provide guided visits to the public, working alongside the CPIE Slag Heap Trail and the local tourist board. In their day-to-day life, they share their expertise in a more simplified manner with their family and friends, promoting a shared knowledge, love and respect for the slag heaps.

Guided tour information and booking:

Would you like to become a slag heap ambassador?


Ascent of the Saint-Eugénie © Rémi Chimot